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Abortion Alternatives & Crisis Pregnancy Center

Pro Life Broadcast

Can we get an AMEN!  We want to thank Dr. Kenneth Hill, and the good people at WHCB radio, 91.5 FM, 100.7 FM and 870 AM for allowing our supporter, Tom Heibel, to broadcast a powerful pro-life message to our community.  This short 12 minute radio spot could easily be the change we seek in […]

Pro Life Petition

Pro Life Petition Have you ever wanted to be one of those rebels?  You know, the cool kids that everyone says, “I wish I could be like them.”  Well, here’s your chance.  How would you like to put your name and signature on a petition that will help enact a pro-life city ordinance?  When was […]

Pro Life City Ordinance

Life Is The FIRST Right Life is the first right that God has given to His children.  Life is the first priority for the recognition of all rights beneath it.  Rights such as the right to marriage, the right to be a Christian in the public square, the right to liberty, the right to medical […]