Pro Life City Ordinance

Life Is The FIRST Right

Life is the first right that God has given to His children.  Life is the first priority for the recognition of all rights beneath it.  Rights such as the right to marriage, the right to be a Christian in the public square, the right to liberty, the right to medical care, and the right to be protected by our government.  These rights are required for any town, anywhere on the planet to survive, and to thrive, but the right to Life is your first right.

As some of you may know, I’ve been speaking before the local Bristol, TN city council in an effort to get them to PUT LIFE FIRST for the last two years now.  Morally, our town has been devastated by the lack of respect for life.  Our jails are filled with women that have had abortions, marriages are collapsing, home foreclosures are at an all time high, kids are failing out of school, businesses are closing, and the list goes on, and on.  All these troubles are directly related to a lack of Christian moral leadership.  Not just here in Bristol, TN, but also in Sullivan County, TN.

While it’s difficult to understand why this has to be brought before a local city council, the best direction is to make sure that it IS brought before the Bristol, TN city council.  That’s why I proposed to our Bristol, TN city council members a simple one line city ordinance for them to consider.  It reads as follows:

“Be it ordained by the City of Bristol, Tennessee, the fetus in the womb is, and shall be considered for all legal purposes, a person. This ordinance shall take effect seventeen (17) days from and after its final passage, the welfare of the city requiring it.”

I asked the Bristol, TN city council to discuss the matter at the upcoming work session meeting on Tuesday March 17, 2015.  This is where they will, if they choose to, discuss whether or not to put this on the agenda for the April 7th city council meeting.  Please click the audio bar, and you will hear the audio of me requesting they take up this city ordinance for the sake of everyone in our town, young and old.

This is where Bristol, TN needs your help.  The path of truth, morality, Christianity, and most importantly, LIFE, is our best path.  However, you will soon see that there will be fierce opposition to such a simple and God given right.

I’m asking for your help, and I need you to take action.  Please craft a kind and well written email expressing your support for this pro-life ordinance, and email it to our Bristol, TN city council members, our police Chief, our city manager, and our city attorney.  Decisions such as this should be easy, but the pro-abortion network in our town is fierce and they will do everything in their power to make it difficult.  Let’s put LIFE first, and focus on people in our community.

Mayor Lea Powers:
Vice Mayor Chad Keen:
Councilwoman Michelle Dolan:
Councilwoman Margaret Feierabend:
Councilman Jack Young:
Police Chief Blaine Wade:
City Manager Bill Sorah:
City Attorney Jack Hyder:

Please put April 7th on your calendar.  The Bristol, TN city council meeting will be held at 7pm in the Slater Center 325 McDowell Street, Bristol, TN 37620

I beg you to share this post on all your social networks and let your voice be heard.  More importantly, let your child’s voice be heard loud and clear.

God Bless You!
Tom Heibel

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