Your Baby IS a Gift

Your baby is a gift, and your baby is you.  The child growing inside you, is you.  They have your eyes, your hands, your feet, and some of your personality.  Presently, they’re weak, vulnerable and scared.  They feel the same pain you feel, and they seek the same comfort that you seek.  Your child looks to you for protection, warmth, comfort and most importantly … love.  Unfortunately, in our culture today, our young adults are taught that children are a burden, and an inconvenience.  This is a bold face lie, and we want you to know the truth.

While children are often looked upon as a gift, It is unfortunate that our culture, almost always your parents and adults around you, consider your child (their own grandchild) to be a burden, or an inconvenience.  These circumstances happen for a variety of reasons, one of which is a poor educational system.  When your own school teachers, people in a position of authority, are teaching boys and girls that there are no consequences to anything they choose to do, it’s easy to see how many young people start going down the wrong road.  When a school nurse willingly hands out contraceptives to you, they’re actually giving you permission to have sex.  This of course, always leads to unplanned and what we call “crisis” pregnancies.

Regardless of your specific circumstances, whether it be immoral teachers and nurses, poor parenting, running with the wrong crowd, believing you can do anything, and suffer no consequences, or you simply planned to have children at a young age.  We here at the AACPC are here to support you and your child.  We have counselors who will teach you the truth, show you what to do, tell you what to expect, provide you with supplies (diapers, formula, baby food, etc …) and of course, be an advocate for you and your baby.

Your Happy Baby SmilingWhat we want you to know, more than anything else, your child is a GIFT!  “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, and before you came forth, I sanctified you.”  You and your child, are the two most important people in the world, and we know it.  Never consider ending your child’s life because an adult, or a “friend”, told you to do so.  The baby in your belly, is yours, and no one, not your parents, not your grandparents, and certainly not the state, can take your child from you.

We have many many options and life solutions for you to choose from.  Please call us should you need any help, and we will help guide you on the most profound and uplifting journey of your whole life.  Always remember, the best moment of any woman’s life is the day she gives birth to her child.  Never deny yourself this moment, and never allow anyone else to deny you your gift.

Please bookmark our website, because when the time arises, we’ll be here to help you along the way.  If you wish to help inform and educate your peers, please consider volunteering some of your time, and spread the word about the Abortion Alternative & Crisis Pregnancy Center.  Together, we can end the holocaust of abortion, and give your child the gift of life.

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