Pro Life Broadcast

Can we get an AMEN!  We want to thank Dr. Kenneth Hill, and the good people at WHCB radio, 91.5 FM, 100.7 FM and 870 AM for allowing our supporter, Tom Heibel, to broadcast a powerful pro-life message to our community.  This short 12 minute radio spot could easily be the change we seek in our community.  Please be sure to share this post on all your social networks.

As you know, here at the, we’re a very Christian organization that seeks to deliver the relief and mercy that God wills for all his children, especially the weak and the vulnerable, such as the fetus in the womb.  In just a few short days, an opportunity to unabashedly promote life for anyone, of any social status, will be brought before the Bristol, TN city council.  This April 7th, at 7pm, in the Slater Community Center, you will hear yet another proposal to support life, and end the scourge of abortion in our town.  Will you join us?  We desperately need your physical presence and support for this endeavor, and it’s only one night.

Please mark your calendar, and make your voice heard by attending the Bristol, TN City Council meeting.  The meeting will take place in the Slater Community Center, 325 McDowell St, Bristol, TN 37620 at 7pm.  Please arrive early, as we pray to have a substantial crowd on-hand.

If you missed the pro-life broadcast, please listen to it here:

We want to encourage you to participate by printing the pro-life petition, and returning it to us here at AACPC.  You can find the petition on our blog post here:  Pro-Life Petition

A very small effort on your part will have an enormous positive impact for all families throughout our region.  Please take a few minutes, get some signatures, and help us return the great town of Bristol, TN to it’s devout Christian heritage and all the benefits of the great life God wants for every one of us.

God Bless You!

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