Our Services

We offer a wide variety of services for women who find themselves in crisis pregnancy situations. These services are available directly through our office or, in some cases, through an extensive network of other regional organizations. Please continue reading below to learn the ways we can help.

Pregnancy Testing

Services to our clients often begin with pregnancy testing. Our trained volunteers are available to assist with conducting and reading the results of pregnancy tests to ensure that clients achieve the most accurate results possible.

We are able to provide pregnancy testing free of charge to our clients due to the generous donations of local individuals and organizations that support our services.

Counseling and Information

It’s true for everyone, not just women in difficult pregnancies… sometimes what you want and need more than anything is someone to talk with, someone who will listen. That’s why our trained counselors are here and ready to listen and help.

In addition to talking with clients about their situations confidentially, our counselors have a weath of brochures and information that they can provide. If you’re facing a pregnancy situation and need someone to talk with, please get in touch with us.

We offer materials in various languages.

Multilingual Materials

As part of our literature library, Abortion Alternatives & Crisis Pregnancy Center is pleased to offer printed resources in several different languages.

In addition to materials in English, literature and information is also available in Spanish, French, Russian, and Romanian.

We may also have other languages on-hand, subject to availability. Please contact our office to find out more about what we have to offer.

Clothing and Supplies

Clothing needs, diapers, toys and similar items are a huge part of any pregnancy. AA&CPC understands the special needs that expectant mothers face and offers various types of clothing and supplies for mothers and their children.

Many sizes of maternity and infant clothes are available, as well as other accessories that have been provided as encouragement for the support of life.

If you would like to help support Abortion Alternatives & Crisis Pregnancy Center through a donation of clothing or supplies such as the ones pictured in the care kit below, please visit the Material Donations section of this site to find out about our current needs and how you can assist.

Care Kits

Sample Care KitPictured here are contents from a sample maternity care kit often supplied for use by mothers. Many infant care items can typically be found in these bags, including things such as:

  • Baby oil and shampoo
  • Bibs
  • Blankets
  • Books
  • Diapers
  • Infant clothing and shoes
  • Literature
  • Night lights
  • Pacifiers
  • Small toys

Housing and Adoption Referrals

While AA&CPC does not provide direct housing for our clients, we are networked with various Christian maternity homes throughout the region. We are more than happy to work with each client who requires housing asssistance to find out which option best meets her needs.

The list of maternity homes with which we work includes facilities in northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia. To find out if we refer to a home in your area, please contact our office.

We present adoption as a respectable and responsible alternative to abortion and refer clients who are interested to licensed, Christian adoption agencies. Adoption allows women to make the choice of life for their unborn child, and also enables families who desire to have children but may be unable the opportunity to do so. The adoption process screens potential families very carefully using many criteria before approving them to complete the adoption process.

Adoption allows children who might have otherwise been aborted to grow up in a loving home and experience the lives that God desires for them. We urge you to discuss the option of adoption with us.

Networking and Community Education

Utilizing relationships with a wide variety of other regional organizations, Abortion Alternatives & Crisis Pregnancy Center is able to assist with a range of needs. If you have a need not listed here, please contact us and we will be happy to assist if we can.

We also provide educational opportunities and information for local schools throughout the region, helping teach young adults what they need to know in order to make responsible decisions.

Post-Abortion Services

At Abortion Alternatives & Crisis Pregnancy Center, we help women who have been through a stressful or crisis pregnancy situation and have already had an abortion. Many times, women under these circumstances are dealing with questions and concerns or even guilt, anger and confusion.

Our trained staff members can help you if you are in a difficult situation such as this. Please contact us for help or more information.

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